Linda is serious about her tagline – Maximize Assets . . . Multiply Impact – and employs her own unique approach to helping her clients develop strategies to leverage their strengths:
Linda listens to her clients.  She trusts them and values their knowledge and experience.  She has confidence that when she asks lots of questions, really listens to the answers, helps them analyze their data and adds her 35 years’ experience into the mix, her clients will discover the best solutions.
Linda intends for her clients to be more capable when she leaves them than when she arrived. In other words, she intends to work herself out of a job. Thus, she creates and customizes useful tools for her clients – regardless of the project’s topic. Plus, she always provides practical coaching to her clients’ leadership teams.
Linda approaches each project in a holistic manner. She sees the whole system and understands that “fixing” one piece will not provide long-term success. Organizations are comprised of interdependent pieces and that interdependence must be addressed.
Linda believes that her clients must be able to articulate the impact they are having in the world and that the only way to do that is to measure their outcomes and continuously improve their programs and processes using reliable data.
Linda knows that the work she and her clients do together is significant and critical, and yet, she hopes that it’s possible to be lighted-hearted and joyful while doing it.
Linda is naturally optimistic and, at the same time, decidedly pragmatic.

Linda is totally self-motivated, absolutely transparent, a great communicator, a voracious learner and reader and has a great sense of humor.Cassie Irish, former Chair of the Family Justice Center of Erie County Board of Directors