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I know that resources – human and financial – are often in short supply in nonprofit organizations. On this page, I invite you to discover free content that might provide you with a quick boost of energy or a moment for reflection. I will add new content occasionally as I discover tips and tools that can empower you – the people on the front lines doing good work in your communities.
When I need inspiration or just a quick answer to an easy or complex question, these are the books that I pull from my shelves . . .

Burk, Penelope, Donor Centered Fundraising, Chicago: Cygnus Applied Research, 2003.

Burk, Penelope, Donor Centered Leadership, Chicago: Cygnus Applied Research, 2013.

Filla, Jennifer J. and Helen E. Brown, Prospect Research for Fundraisers, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2013.

Howlett, Susan, Boards on Fire!, Seattle: Word & Raby Publishing, 2010.

Kanter, Beth and Allison H. Fine, The Networked Nonprofit, San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 2013.

La Piana, David, The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, Saint Paul, Fieldstone Alliance, 2008.

Sagawa, Shirley and Deborah Jospin, The Charismatic Organization: 8 Ways to Grow a Nonprofit, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009.

. . . and these are websites I search for excellent free content.  Some are for-profit companies – just ignore the sales pitch!

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I don’t know what magic you work, but talking with you and learning from you gets me really jazzed about my job.Melissa Kate, Development Director, Young Audiences of Western New York